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Draperies and Curtains are important elements to keep the home clean and beautiful, they offer protection to the interior decoration, furniture and also reduce the penetration of sun and cold drafts in winter. One of the most important purposes of draperies and curtains is the high degree of comfort and privacy they give to the house.

Draperies and curtains collect a huge amount of dirt over time but do not require frequent cleaning like clothes and can last for at least a year without full dry cleaning as long they are frequently cared for with normal minor routine such as regular dusting. However, how often you will need to dry clean your draperies and curtains will depend on many factors this include the dusty condition of your environment, the color, number of smokers in your home, numbers of pets that live within your home and your heating/cooling system.

When the need for dry cleaning your draperies and curtains arise, you might decide to do it yourself (DIY) but it is advisable to get it done professionally to elongate the lifespan and that is why we exist. Valet Dry Cleaners is dedicated to ensuring your drapes and curtains are well care for in the correct way. We will professionally remove the contaminants which degrade your drapes and curtain over time carefully and keep them looking smelling fresh.

Drapes and curtains are always a lot of fabric, to reduce the stress of transportation to our company, we offer pickup and delivery service where you call to arrange and we visit your house to get them, dry cleaning and rehang to your house. Our coverage area includes Wanborugh, Liddington, Chiseldeon, Draycott foliat, Ogbourne St Andrew, Ogbourne Maizey, Marlborough, Manton, Axford, Ramsbury, Bishopstone, Ashbury, Albourn, Baydon, Lambourne woodlands, Eastbury, Lambourne, upper Lambourne, Wroughton, Winterbourne Bassett, and Broad Hinton.

Call us today and we will dry clean your drapes and curtains in a way that will double the life without a risk of further damage.

Whether your a resident in Albourne, Ashbury, Axford, Badbury, Bishopstone, Broad Hinton, Cheltenham, Chiseldon, Cricklade, Droycot Foliat, Eastbury, Ewen, Upper Lambourn, Lambourn, Lambourn Woodlands, Lechlade, Liddington, Manton, Marlborough, Ogbourne Maizey, Ogbourne St George, Poole Keynes, Ramsbury, South Cerney, Swindon, Wanborough, Wooten Bassett and Wrougton Valet Drycleaners is phone call away for Collection & Delivery service.

You can arrange a collection via Calling us on 01793 205050 or Via website booking form.