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Restaurants Laundry Service

Sanitation and Cleanliness matters in every business environment. The growth of your restaurant business depends not only on the services rendered but also on the sterility of the tablecloths, aprons, and napkins which are an integral part of your service.

Valet Dry Cleaners offers you high-quality standards in restaurants laundry services that assure your customers of an awesome dining experience. Valet restaurant laundry services come with ease and perfection because we are mobile.

We are well-equipped, and we can maintain high quality for our restaurant's clients with a steady and undeviating supply of neat linen. Our laundry staffs are experienced and committed with great attention to detail, enabling the supply of quality linen consistently.

We come to you to pick up your linen, and we carefully sort, wash, dry, and pack the linen and ensure they are delivered in good conditions. It is mandatory for us to check all the items we take in for signs of damage. Every linen that comes in is registered with the name of each restaurant it belongs to avoid doubtfulness and confusion.

Also, part of our restaurant's laundry services is the provision of superior quality cotton, tablecloths, and napkin unique for your restaurants. Provide us with detailed information, and rest assured, you are getting the best option.

Contact us today to have the best experience you could ever imagine in terms of laundry services; we are concerned about the first impression of your customers.

Whether your a resident in Albourne, Ashbury, Axford, Badbury, Bishopstone, Broad Hinton, Cheltenham, Chiseldon, Cricklade, Droycot Foliat, Eastbury, Ewen, Upper Lambourn, Lambourn, Lambourn Woodlands, Lechlade, Liddington, Manton, Marlborough, Ogbourne Maizey, Ogbourne St George, Poole Keynes, Ramsbury, South Cerney, Swindon, Wanborough, Wooten Bassett and Wrougton Valet Drycleaners is phone call away for Collection & Delivery service.

You can arrange a collection via Calling us on 01793 205050 or Via website booking form.